Important NoticeImportant Notice

Important Notice

Important Notice

Electronic Banking Security Notice

(This Security Notice applies to Net Banking Services, PBHK Digi and ATM.)


  • Keep your Account Number / Username and Password secure and confidential
    • [Not applicable to PBHK Digi] Upon receipt of your PIN mailer, you should change the Password immediately and destroy the original PIN mailer.
    • Please inform us immediately to suspend the services if you find or believe that your Password is stolen, compromised or lost.
    • Do not furnish your Account Number, Username and / or Password to any third parties. Our Bank staff will never ask you to provide sensitive account information (such as passwords) by e-mail, SMS or telephone.
    • Avoid using the same details that you use to access different electronic banking services and other services such as email, other Internet sites/ISPs, Net Banking, PBHK Digi or ATM.
    • Do not use easy-to-guess (e.g. Identity Card number, telephone number or similar numbers) or repetitive alphabets or numbers as your Password.
    • Avoid using part of your Account Number / Username as your Password.
    • Always memorize your Password. Never write it down or store on computers / mobile phones / place in plain sight or reveal it to anyone. If you cannot remember the Password, you should always disguise the Password and keep it in a safe place separate from where you keep your Account Number / Username, your computer and bank account details.
    • Change your Password regularly.
    • Please beware of any unusual login screen or process (e.g. a suspicious pop-up window or request for providing additional personal information) and ensure that your entry of Account Number / Username and Password cannot be watched by someone standing around or behind you when you login. Log out immediately after use.
    • Do not allow anybody else to operate your Net Banking account / PBHK Digi mobile application / ATM account.


  • Always log out your online session
    • Once you have finished conducting your transaction on the Internet, always use the “logout” button to exit the Net Banking and close the browser after a logout confirmation had been displayed. Please do not exit the system via other ways.
    • Never walk away from your computer with your account information on the screen.
    • Do not access third-party websites within the same internet browser session when using Net Banking.


  • Do not store your Net Banking Account Number / Username / Password in the browsers
    • Remember to disable the “auto-complete” function on your browser, as this will make your Net Banking Account Number / Username and Password automatically available to anyone having access to your system.


  • Verify the integrity of the website
    • Only download and install mobile application from the official application distribution platform operated by the owner of the mobile operating system (i.e. Apple App Store and Google Play).
    • Close all other internet browsers before accessing Net Banking.
    • Before inputting any account particular, make sure that our bank’s website you access is genuine.
    • Remember and type our EXACT website address ( to login.
  • Use a computer that you trust
    • Create passwords to protect your computer from unauthorized access.
    • Disable Bluetooth function if you are not using it or set your device as undiscoverable.
    • Do not install any software from unknown sources onto the computer that you use to access Net Banking.
    • Only pre-set and access reliable Wifi network for Internet connection and disable any wireless network functions not in use. If you have to set up a wireless network, you are strongly advised to consult your vendor/service provider to ensure that your network or devices are configured with adequate security settings.
    • Do not access our bank’s Net Banking from public places or from shared computers such as those in cyber cafes.
    • When you are using others’ computer to perform transactions, be careful that your Net Banking Account Number / Username, Password and personal information have not been copied or stored in its hard drive. Log out immediately after use.
    • You are advised not to access to your Net Banking account with mobile devices.


  • Clear your browser cache and history after each session
    • If anyone else is likely to use your computer, clear your cache or turn off and re-initiate your browser in order to eliminate copies of web pages that have been stored in your hard drive.
    • Remember to clear browser cache and history.


  • Security of your computers and mobile devices
    • Make sure you are using supported versions of operation system and application. Please download and install updates and patches for your operating systems and browsers regularly.
    • Install and regularly update anti-virus software, anti-spyware software, personal firewall and security updates for browsers to protect your computer from viruses and malicious programs. Download and upgrade the softwares from reliable sources only.
    • Keep proper configuration on mobile devices (e.g. disallow installation of Apps from unknown source, etc.).
    • Always evaluate the requested permission carefully before installation.
    • If your mobile device is capable of biometric authentication (such as fingerprint(s), face ID authentication, facial recognition), please do not let any other person register his/her biometrics on your mobile device.
    • Do not use face ID authentication or facial recognition if you have an identical twin sibling or a sibling who looks like you.
    • Do not log on Net Banking or use PBHK Digi  on jail-broken / rooted mobile devise or tablets.


  • Update your contact information
    • Always update our bank with your latest personal contact information.


  • Check your account and transaction history details
    • Always check your last login time-stamp whenever you login Net Banking or PBHK Digi. If you suspect any unusual or unauthorised account access to your Net Banking account, please contact our e-Banking Support Hotline on (852) 2541 9206 immediately.
    • Check your account balances, messages and statements regularly to identify any unusual transactions.


  • Fraudulent Email, Malicious SMS/MMS and Website Alert
    • We will never ask you for authentication of your personal information such as Account Number / Username and Password through email, SMS or other communication channels. You are advised to contact our Customer Hotline at (852) 8107 0818 immediately or visit any of our branches for assistance if in doubt.
    • Do not access our Net Banking Services through hyperlinks embedded in other websites, search engines or email.
    • Do not open email attachment from unknown, suspicious or unreliable sources and delete it immediately.
    • Be aware of scam email which may pretend to be sent from your trusted business partners and friends, but they were designed to trap you into downloading a virus or visiting a fraudulent website and disclosing your sensitive information including your Account Number / Username and password.
    • Do not provide your Account Number / Username and password or other sensitive personal or financial information via email / hyperlink / attachment.
    • Do not click on links from malicious SMS or MMS messages.


  • Two-Factor Authentication (“SMS OTP”) and Acknowledgement SMS
    • The Bank will send a 6-digit SMS One-time Password (“SMS OTP”) together with partial details of the transaction to your registered mobile phone number via SMS, when you perform high risk transaction at Net Banking or activate the  PBHK Digi service.
    • Please verify transaction details in the SMS carefully before you input the SMS OTP to confirm the transaction. In case of doubt, please do not input your SMS OTP.
    • An acknowledgement SMS will be sent to you after completing any of the above transaction. Please check transaction details timely and carefully. The aforesaid SMS, including “SMS One-Time Password (SMS OTP)”, issued by our Bank will be sent to your registered mobile phone number only. The SMS will not be forwarded even though you have enabled “SMS Forwarding” service provided by your Telecommunication Company in Hong Kong.
    • Notify us to update your mobile phone number if there is any change.
    • Safeguard your mobile phone or any devices that you may use to receive the SMS One-time Password. Please inform us immediately to suspend the Two-Factor Authentication service temporarily at once if you have lost the associated mobile phone handset.
    • Do not leave your mobile phone unattended and avoid sharing with others. Avoid using other people’s devices to log on your account(s).
    • Set a passcode for your mobile phone that is difficult to guess and activate the auto-lock function.


  • Contact the Bank immediately if there are suspected access or transactions
    • Customers must pay attention to the page layout of Net Banking or PBHK Digi. Please contact our e-Banking Support Hotline at (852) 2541 9206 immediately in case of any unusual change or enquiry.
    • If you suspect any unauthorised access or transactions on Electronic Banking Service(s), please promptly contact our e-Banking Support Hotline at (852) 2541 9206 or visit any of our branches to terminate your Electronic Banking access to your accounts such as Net Banking service, PBHK Digi service or ATM service. Please also provide details of the unauthorised transaction(s).


  • Major Safety Tips On Using ATMs
    • Keep your ATM card safe. Do not choose easily accessible personal information such as telephone numbers or date of birth as your PIN. Set a password that is difficult to guess and different from the ones for other services. Change your password regularly.
    • Beware of anything unusual about the card insert slot, keypad and keypad cover (e.g. whether any suspicious device is installed). Cover the keypad with your hand when entering your password and check whether anyone is trying to peek at your password. Do not write your PIN on your card or on anything usually kept with or near it.
    • Count the banknotes immediately after each cash withdrawal. Do not take away any banknotes at the cash dispenser or ATM card at the card insert slot left behind by someone else. Let the banknotes or ATM card return to the ATM automatically.
    • Check the transaction records provided by the Bank in a timely manner. Please inform the Bank by calling our Customer Hotline at (852) 2853 4777 immediately if you lose your ATM card, or in case of any suspicious transactions or situations. The Bank will not ask for any sensitive personal information (including passwords) through phone calls or emails.


Cover the ATM keypad with your hand
card insert slot

If customer finds the card insert slot is damaged, altered, removed or installed with any suspicious device, please immediately contact our branch staff.


  • Major Safety Tips on using Internet Banking Services and ATMs


Customers should read the Bank’s security information from time to time to ensure that adequate and appropriate measures have been taken. You may be held liable for all losses if you have acted fraudulently or with gross negligence, or failed to follow the precautionary measures set out above.


The Hong Kong Monetary Authority has prepared specific webpages to provide information and smart tips to use banking and related products and services. Please click here for details.

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