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Open API

Open API

Application programming interface (API) is a computer programming approach for facilitating exchange of information and executing instructions between different computer systems. Open APIs refer to APIs that allow third party access to systems of an organisation.

Open API allows financial institutions to open up their internal IT systems and data for programmatic access by third-party service providers (TSPs) or their counterparts in an open and documented manner. Effective implementation of Open API enables, for example, information of different banks’ products and services to be aggregated under the same website / application for comparison and financial planning by users with ease. New service providers may also make use of the open information to offer unique products and new customer experience.

For information about the HKMA’s APIs, which provide financial data and important information published on HKMA’s website, please visit the HKMA’s Open API portal.


Public Bank (Hong Kong) collaborates with the following third-party service provider(s) on Open API.