Securities Trading

Securities Trading

Securities Trading Promotion Offer 

  • 0% Brokerage Rate Privilege (Buy Orders)
    (Applicable to ALL Trading Channels in the First 6 Trading Months)
  • 50% Brokerage Rate Privilege (Sell Orders)
    (Applicable to Internet & Mobile Securities Trading in the First 6 Trading Months)
  • 50% Brokerage Rate Privilege (Both Buy and Sell Orders)
    (Applicable to Internet & Mobile Securities Trading in the subsequent 6 Trading Months)
  • Share Deposit Waiver, IPO Handling Fee Waiver and 400 Bonus Points Reward
  • 30% Premium Discount for Applying on Selected General Insurance Products
  • HK$10,000 Trading Limit

(Investment involves risk. The Promotion is subject to Terms and Conditions. For details, please click here or contact the Bank’s staff.)


IPO Financing

  • Applicable to Designated IPO
  • Financing Amount up to 90% of the Subscription Amount
  • Attractive Low Interest Rate


For additional information, please call our Securities Service Hotline at (852) 2581 1468 or visit any of our branches.

To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!


1. The above promotion is subject to terms and conditions. For details, please contact the Bank’s staff. The Bank reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate the above promotion and to amend the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. Should any disputes arise, the Bank’s decision shall be final and conclusive. In case of any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions, the English version shall always prevail.


Risk Disclosure Statement:

Investment involves risk. Price of securities is subject to upward and downward movements and may become valueless. It is likely that losses will be incurred rather than profits made as a result of buying and selling securities.



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The information contained in this document has not been reviewed by Securities and Futures Commission or any regulatory authorities in Hong Kong. Also, it is not a recommendation, an offer and/or a solicitation for any securities service or transaction.