Personal RMB ServicesPersonal RMB Services

Personal RMB Services

RMB Remittance Service

RMB Remittance Service
  • RMB outward remittance service to bank accounts in Mainland China
  • Hassle-free standing instruction for regular remittance
  • Low remittance handling fee

Services Summary


Target Customer

Individual Customers1

Transaction Limit

Maximum RMB 80,000 per person per day

Service Hours

Mon to Fri from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. (except public holidays in Hong Kong and Mainland China)


  • Customer must maintain a RMB deposit account with the Bank
  • The name of the beneficiary and the name of the remitter must be the same
  • The remittance amount must be debited to the Bank’s RMB deposit account
  • Customer has to provide the standard Chinese code of his/ her name for outward remittance
  • Any unused funds can be remitted back to Hong Kong

 Customer Hotline : (852) 8107 0818

  1. Individual Customers: i) Hong Kong Resident – should be aged 18 or above with HKID Card; or ii) Non-Hong Kong Resident – should be aged 18 or above without HKID Card.
  2. All the information set out above is provided to the best of the Bank’s knowledge and understanding of the Relevant Rules. Account Holder should also comply with any updates that shall be published or issued by the Bank at any time and from time to time and any latest guidelines issued by the regulatory authorities.