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Wealthy Kid Savings Account

Wealthy Kid Savings Account

Be Your Company   Plan Ahead with You

Public Bank (Hong Kong) presents you and your children with the most fascinating Wealthy Kid Savings Account (“Wealthy Kid”). With Wealthy Kid, you can help your children to develop a good saving habit, plan ahead with them and start turning your beloved children into the real wealthy kids. Upon successful application, you will get the following benefits :

  • High savings interest rate1
  • A full range of account services2

Come and join us, open a Wealthy Kid Savings Account at any of our branches.

Customer Hotline : (852) 8107 0818

For additional information, please call or visit any of our branches.

  1. Under Wealthy Kid Savings Account (“Wealthy Kid”), respective savings interest rate(s) (% p.a.) will be applied to corresponding range(s) of Deposit Amount Tier. According to the daily closing balance, daily interest will be calculated and accrued on a simple basis at such rate(s) (% p.a.) applicable to corresponding Deposit Amount Tier(s) on a 365-day annual basis, provided that the daily closing balance exceeds or equals an interest bearing threshold as from time to time determined by Public Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (“the Bank”). No daily interest shall be accrued to Wealthy Kid in the event that the daily closing balance falls below such interest bearing threshold. Daily interest accrued shall be accumulated to the end of each month and credited into Wealthy Kid on the first business day of each subsequent month.
  2. Full range of account services (including but not limited to the following services: net banking, cheque deposit and clearing) is only applicable to those Wealthy Kid accounts which are held by parents / legal guardians.

The above products and services are bound by relevant terms and conditions. For details, please contact the staff of Public Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (“the Bank”). The Bank reserves the right to terminate the above promotions at any time or to vary the same and/or the related terms and conditions without prior notice. Should any disputes arise, the decision of the Bank shall be final. The Chinese translation is for reference only. In case of any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions, the English version shall prevail.