General Insurance Services

General Insurance Services

The Public Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (“the Bank”) is an appointed insurance agent of Asia Insurance Co Ltd. and the insurance plan is underwritten by Asia Insurance Co Ltd but not the Bank. The Bank will benefit from the distribution of the insurance plan.

In respect of an eligible dispute, as defined in the Terms of Reference for the Financial Dispute Resolution Centre (“FDRC”) in relation to the Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme (please refer to the official website of the FDRC for details), arising between the Bank and the applicant of the insurance plan above out of selling process or processing of the related transaction, the Bank is required to enter into a Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme process with the applicant. However, any dispute over the contractual terms of the insurance plan above should be resolved between directly Asia Insurance Co Ltd. and the applicant.

Through Public Bank (Hong Kong), Asia Insurance provides comprehensive general insurance services for both individuals and corporate of various businesses.