General Insurance Services

The Public Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (“our Bank”), being registered with the Insurance Authority as a licensed insurance agency, is an appointed insurance agent by Asia Insurance Company Limited (“AI”). 

Our Bank distributes various types of the general insurance products which are underwritten by AI as below:

If you are interested, please contact any of our branches or Customer Hotline 81070818 for product information.

  1. The information contained in this webpage is not a contract of insurance and is intended to be served as general information. The specific details, terms and conditions applicable to all general insurance plans are set out in the respective Insurance Policies to be issued by AI. 
  2. This webpage does not constitute advice to buy or sell, or an offer with respect to any insurance products. The general insurance products are issued and underwritten by AI, and AI will be responsible for providing insurance cover and handling claims under their respective policies. AI is authorized and regulated by the Insurance Authority to carry out general insurance business in Hong Kong. Our Bank is a distributor and is not an issuer of any insurance products.
  3. In respect of an eligible dispute, as defined in the Terms of Reference for the Financial Dispute Resolution Centre (“FDRC”) in relation to the Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme (please refer to the official website of the FDRC for details), arising between our Bank and the applicant of the insurance plan above out of selling process or processing of the related transaction, our Bank is required to enter into a Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme process with the applicant. However, any dispute over the contractual terms of the insurance plan above should be resolved between directly between AI and the applicant.
  4. All insurance applications are subject to the AI's underwriting and acceptance.
  5. You are reminded to carefully review the relevant product materials provided to you and seek independent advice if necessary.

From January 1, 2018, the Insurance Authority (IA) starts collecting a premium levy from policy holders of all new or in-force life insurance policies and general insurance policies. For further information, please visit