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e-Statement and e-Advice

Save Paper and Go Green. You can view up to 7 years of e-Statement and e-Advice via Net Banking. No more waiting for the post.

  • Easy Management – View and download anytime of the e-Statement and e-Advice via Net Banking.
  • Instant Notification – Receive SMS or email notification for free every time your latest e-Statement and e-Advice is available.
  • Environmentally Friendly - Reduce paper consumption and help save the planet with e-Statement and e-Advice.


The following document types support e-Statement and e-Advice:

  1. Consolidated Statement
  2. Statement of Securities Account / Securities Confirmation Note
  3. Annual Mortgage Loan Interest Statement
  4. Time Deposit Advice


How to enroll e-Statement and e-Advice

  1. Login Net Banking using “Business Administrator” user
  2. Select “e-Statement and e-Advice” > “Manage e-Statement / e-Advice”